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Happy Holidays

Written by Marya Dinetz


Posted on December 21 2020

Dear customers,


We want to wish you Happy Holidays season and say how grateful we are to have you being part of our journey. As Home Textiles manufacturer Flax Planet became a tiny, but cozy part of your home😊


We feel blessed having the chance to chare our love for linen with sooo many wonderful people. Your feedbacks and reviews made our days and were very important in providing high quality, locally made products to you.


This year was challenging and emotional. We opened our store in a wave of COVID turbulence. But we strongly believed that if you make it great and with love, the business will grow despite all odds. Flax Planet has gradually enlarged the offering from linen bedding, through linen curtains and following by kitchen linen. Our color palette increased from 8 to 12 colors.


We proud ourselves as a local manufacturer that serves our community and provide unique product variety to North American market.


Let next 2021 be exiting and bring some relief to all of us. Again, than you so much for your support and warm feedbacks.


Always yours,

Flax Planet team