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Our new compostable packaging

Written by Marya Dinetz


Posted on September 27 2020

We are so excited to switch to new eco-friendly packaging. Well, our packing materials were always reusable and compostable, but we decided to take it one level up and ship our linens in compostable mailers, made of corn stretch.

Linen is natural, eco-friendly material, made of flax fibers that consumes 3 times less water then cotton, when growing. Being strong and breathable it lasts longer then cotton or polyester, making it perfect solution for smart consumption. For us it was obvious that so eco-efficient material should be matched by eco-efficient packaging.

Luckily compostable mailers become more and more common and look fantastic.

After careful testing we partnered with Better Packaging as we fall in love with their mailers. They look absolutely gorgeous and elegant. But they are not just looking great but are also very strong and provide excellent protection.


We will gradually phase out our regular carton boxes and switch to compostable mailers. Hope you will enjoy their look and minimal environmental footprint.

Now all our packing materials are easily recyclable. Everything is made of natural materials: craft paper, jute twine and compostable mailers. We strive to provide excellent shopping experience to our customers and are really excited to keep our brand elegantly packed while minimizing environmental impact.