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Written by Masha Dinetz


Posted on July 04 2020

Curtains are not just about color or size; they are about light and atmosphere. Making the right choice may become cumbersome, considering the huge variety available. But upscaling your interior and making it stand out is worth the effort.

Let’s start from the color. As curtains are integral part of your room design, it’s important to match their color with other decorative pieces, like furniture, rugs and art.

Some rich, intensive colors like red, yellow, green will make your interior more vibrant, whenever cool colors like light blue, woodrose and natural will create calmer and more relaxed vibe. You may also consider white, for its neutral light transparency.

Once you set up your mind with the desired color, consider how transparent you want your curtains to be. Semi-sheer curtains provide more privacy, but allow plenty of light, creating airy and bright atmosphere. Sheer curtains made of linen tulle bringing in even more light, which is especially appreciated during dull winter days. If you have a darker room, consider sheer curtains, it you room has large windows, you should probably go with the semi-sheer variant.

The length of a curtain panel impacts the overall impression. Curtains that puddle on the floor create rustic, traditional effect. But they require frequent cleaning. Shorter panels have more contemporary look and allow more intensive colors to be used. It’s important that your curtains will be machine washable. Linen curtains require gentle mid-low wash cycle. After drying they acquire charming crumpled chic which make them so outstanding.

Rod pocket curtains you should measure from rod to floor. Take 1.5 or double the window width to allow reasonable folds, when curtains open and slight overlapping when they are closed.

Advantage of curtains made of linen is the fact that they are breathable and allow better air circulation. They are also durable and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

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