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Written by Masha Dinetz


Posted on June 29 2020

I remember it took me a while to get used to linen bedding. The feeling was somewhat different then sleeping on “mass produced” cotton sheets.

Linen bedding feels rougher and don’t have that silky-smooth touch like cotton. Flax yarn is thicker then cotton and therefore it feels rougher first. Luxury linen is softened by various methods. The traditional one is stone wash, when linen is washed with pumice stones that soften the yarn during the process. It also called mechanical process, as flax fibers are softened as a result of mechanical force applied during the process. I discovered that perlite, that is abundant in North America can use a good substitution for pumice stones. In both cases the use of stones should be gentle, not to harm fabric fibers.

Another method that becomes increasingly popular is Enzyme wash softening. When organic, cellulose enzymes are used instead of pumice stones. Both processes soften linen fibers, resulting in nice to touch bedding, without sacrificing unique qualities of flax. These processes require industrial washing machines where water temperature and washing cycles can be controlled.

Softening linen at home can is cumbersome and non-efficient process. To learn more about it, follow the link here.

Traditionally high-quality fabric was considered by high thread count, which is not actually true. Quality of fabric is determined by the quality of yarn it’s made of. This is why linen fabric made of flax fibers grown in northern France and Belgium is considered the best of its class. As long fibers make stronger staples, resulting is soft, thin, yet strong yarn. In general flax grown in Europe is considered to have a better quality.

We use linen made of French flax in our bedding and other home textiles, as it's naturally soft and strong and thus, requires less softening effort and gives cozy and comfortable feeling to our customers and to us as well. As this way we can ensure customer satisfaction. To read more about linen qualities, please follow the link here.