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Mixing colors in your bedding

Written by Marya Dinetz


Posted on September 16 2020

In this blog I want to summarize some wonderful feedbacks we received from our customers regarding color mix options. As MTO manufacturer, we are proud to provide this extra option to our customers to mix colors when ordering a bedding set.

Mixing colors can upscale your bedding set and make a better fit to the interior. Contrast of bold and cold colors will stress the beauty of the linen and make an outstanding impression. For example, mix of moss green and light mint, looks very effective. Deep, dramatic green with soft shade of mint is stressing each color separately and the combination works well with different shades of green and grey in your interior.



Mix of natural with moss green adds some earthy shades to the color blend and works really well with wooden furniture, when the boldness of green is standing out, creating vibrant and festive atmosphere.



In general, natural color is neutral and mixes well with majority of our colors. For example, mix of white and natural, light rose and natural are among popular choices.

Similar with white, as it’s universal color, looking pure and adding brightness of its own, but also uses perfect base for any color mix. For example, fitted sheet in off white makes a perfect contrast with duvet cover made in charcoal, woodrose or blue melange. Neutral white background will make any color outstanding.



Less expected, but nonetheless popular is a mix of light grey with light rose. Both colors are delicate and mixing them makes a great balance of cold, calm colors. It can perfectly fit with curtains made of grey or light grey shade as well as pink, red or rose upholstery, in case you have one.


Mixing colors can be somewhat cumbersome task, but it allows to implement some unique design ideas, adding life and elegance to the inferior. Vibrant interior means better mood, so we definitely recommend it.