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Written by Masha Dinetz


Posted on August 15 2020

In this article I want to elaborate some frequently asked questions that can be interesting to first time buyers of linen bedding and these who already familiar and use home textiles made of flax.

As I mentioned in other blog, linen is strong and durable material, perfectly absorbing moist and hypoallergenic. When properly used, linen sheets and duvet covers will last for a decade or more. Of course, if you use them constantly, sheets will fade and last for 3-5 years only. This is why it’s a good idea to have few bedding sets for rotation, which is usually the case.

In order to keep colors from fading, it’s better to wash linen in cold water with natural detergents and dry it on low temperature. This is also correct for majority of natural fabrics, like cotton. As high pressure, chemicals or extra heat you apply on the fabric is decreasing its life expectancy. Linen can be ironed, although on our opinion it looks charming, when crumpled and elegantly messy.

Our linen sheets come with 15” deep pocket, except these on sale. Usually it should be sufficient for majority of mattresses, but it’s a good idea to measure the pocket depth of your mattress before purchasing. We use high tension elastic for our fitted sheets, so even if your mattress depth is 10” or less, our sheets will firmly wrap it under the mattress.

For our bedding collections we use linen made of French or Belgian flax. This flax is best of its kind as it has long fibers that results in soft and nice to touch linen. Fabric made of French flax is also more durable, as long fibers produce stronger ties. Truly luxurious material.

All our products are handmade to order in our Toronto studio. To us handmade means high quality, individuality and exceptional customer experience, which differs it from mass produced home textiles. For example, you can mix fabric colors in your bedding set to match your design aspiration. We also strive to be one stop shop for home textiles made of linen. This way our customers enjoy colorful variety that is perfect for home decor, present or wedding gift.